The inconvenient truth about London living

For some reason, there is a perception that if you live in London everything you will ever needs is ‘just at your fingertips’. I was thinking about this today and realised it couldn’t be further from the truth, particularly when you have children.

So we currently live in inner-south London. To get to work, husband has to drive for up to 2 hours in heavy traffic, and back again. To get to Orange’s hospital appointments, it’s 45 minutes of sitting in traffic plus a tenner for the congestion charge. To get to physio, 45 minutes battling in the opposite direction.
Say I wanted to do a little shopping. Baby Gap and Jojo Maman Bebe for the kids, French Connection and Topshop for me, Waitrose for groceries and stop at Giraffe for lunch. Well then, I’d have to visit 5 different London postcodes and travel for up to an hour between each one. We’d have to start at breakfast and not finish until dinner time. We’d have to pay for parking at each spot. Buggy into the car, buggy out of the car, kids in, kids out, repeat x5. Sitting in traffic at every turn. Dodging buses and cyclists and being sworn at by van drivers and pedestrians. Yes, awfully convenient this London lifestyle huh?

I will miss London when we move next week. But I am also looking forward to spending a year living near Guildford where we could do all of the above and get a fish pedicure all in a morning’s shopping…with happy kids.